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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FML (And I rarely use the phrase)

You always wonder what can go wrong when you're flying in airplanes. Sure, this isn't the worst thing that could happen. I am alive, after all. Here's my utterly depressing story explaining why I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Houston Texas and NOT on my way to Ghana...

Originally I was supposed to fly from LAX to Houston, connect 2 hours later to DC and 2 hours later, get on the flight to Ghana with the rest of the EAP group. Instead, there was no crew for my Houston flight so it got delayed 2.5 hours. Needless to say, I wouldn't be making my connecting flight to Ghana from DC so I went about trying to figure out another solution. After talking with 3 different Continental Agents, my new itinerary has me going from Houston to Amsterdam in the morning, and then to Ghana 7 hours later.

A few issues:
My bus to the University won't be there since I'm not with the rest of the group anymore. My luggage is now in DC. It won't be sent to Ghana until I have already arrived so I'll need to have it sent to my address. I don't actually know my address, but hopefully I'll have that figured out by then.

So now I wait. I wait in Texas angrily shaking my fist because George Bush (International Airport) has once again screwed me over. Not only in regards to airplanes, but also financially. Funny how ironic that is.


  1. that happened to me during my euro trip last year!! i hope it isn't too humid there. don't fret, marge, your trip can only get better from here!

  2. Hang in there Marge. I'm going tofolow your travels though this blog.
    Keep us posted asyou are able.

    Martine Wagoner

    PS I have NO clue why there are 2 of me noted as a follower. Uggh. Technology.

  3. Everything's bigger in Texas! Go treat yourself to a GIANT cocktail.I got stuck in Atlanta once for the same reason. I was 13. In Atlanta, by myself. That was a fun night.

  4. Houston Bush is the worst airport ever. Sucks that your journey is off to a bad start but that means chances are it only gets better.

  5. Here are the positives from missing your connection you still have internet, you might run into someone famous hella athletes play sports in Texas and last but not least you get to arrive at Ghana fashionably late haha