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Monday, October 24, 2011

Inter-Hall Soccer Tournament Champions!

WOO HOOO!!!!  The Jubilee/ISH Women’s soccer team won it all!  We had our last game this Monday and ended the season undefeated!  I haven’t even mentioned soccer or should I say “football” on my blog I realized, which is surprising based on the fact that it has been consuming a lot of my time.

We have practice basically every day at 6am with the exception of 4pm practice on Wednesdays (love those!) and the men and women practice together.  It’s been a great way to make new friends and meeting soccer players is always great because everyone has something to teach. 

The boys always come out to our games to support us and it’s fun for us to see them play too!  The intensity level of their games is quite a step up from ours so it’s pretty exciting to watch.  Below are some of my teammates at one of the boy’s recent games.  I honestly forgot how much I enjoyed being on an organized sports team.  You gain a sense of comradeship that is nothing like other group dynamics. 

As the captain of the International team, I was interviewed by University reporters and representatives from the Sports Directorate. It was so cool!  I was also the top scorer in the entire women’s league so they wrote an article about me and gave me the nickname “The Goal Queen.”  I thought it was so funny, but was also secretly stoked to be recognized like that since I’ve never really been much of a soccer star haha.  Here’s the link to the articles:

ISH Team:

Akuafo Hatrick match:

Goal Queen:

Special shout out to my intramural team back home: The Big Yellow.  I haven’t forgotten about all of you and hope you haven’t forgotten about me either!!! Once I’m back home, we WILL finally get that championship.

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  1. Looks like fun. Your experience inGHana is figuratively and literally " World Away" from Doug's.
    Both wonderful opportunities that will be leave you with lifelong memories.