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Friday, November 4, 2011

I can't believe it's November already!

This past weekend was REALLY packed, but really fun.  It started off with the boy’s soccer game at 7am on Saturday morning as usual, but this time they actually tied instead of a loss!  After the game, I went to the National Museum in Accra.  There was some cool stuff, but it’s strange to have expectations of a National Museum and then arrive only to find out it’s basically one giant room with a few exhibits inside.  Still, it was interesting to see more artifacts of Ghana’s history!

We then walked to the Cultural Center and my life was finally complete!!!  It was a seemingly never-ending center of shops!!  I bought a lot of really cool stuff that I’m so excited about including a chess set, a kente cloth blanket, a Ghana shirt, and a present for my dad.  (I can’t say what it is on here since I know he’s reading this…HI DAD!)  My bargaining skills are really improving!!


Later that night, I went out to my friend Hussein’s birthday party at Escobar where they had all you can eat cake and KABOBS!!! SO GOOD.  Felicia and I were so happy to just sit there eating while everyone was dancing haha.

Next up was a music video shoot for the song “Change Positions” by the group V.I.P.  My friend Alex met the producer or something like that and hooked me up with the gig.  It was really cool to be in an actual studio recording and see what it’s like, but I only got to stay for part of it because I had to leave early for work sadly.

I went to Exponential Education on Sunday as usual.  I’m not going to go into that yet because I plan on just writing a full post on it when it’s all over so for now I’ll move onto Monday, which was HALLOWEEN!!!!  Katie’s dad was in town visiting (I am seriously shocked by the number of parents that have come to visit) and he brought us….CANDY!!!  I was beyond happy.  I had Swedish Fish, Reese’s, Kit Kats and more for the first time in months and my sweet tooth was finally satiated.  After changing our minds twice, Acacia and I decided to go to the Halloween party in the dance hall so we made last minute cat costumes.  It ended up being pretty fun and it was good to see everyone having a good time and celebrating too.


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  1. It looks like you've been taking every opportunity to its full advantage. You've always been that way :) Miss you so much and still exploring whether or not I would be able to afford to make it to Vegas at the end of December! Love you xxxx