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Monday, September 26, 2011

Aburi Botanical Gardens

This past weekend I took a trip to the Aburi Botanical Gardens with Alyssa, Victor, Devin, Cody and Felicia.  It took around an hour to get there, but it was some great scenery along the way.  Once we got to the town, we seemed to be surrounded by schools, which was actually really cool to see since that’s what my independent study is focused around, but even cooler was this church that we happened upon.

Once we got into the gardens, we went exploring for a bit and found a lot of beautiful trees.  They were seriously humongous.  It was awesome!  Here’s Victor with the only original tree left in the park just to get a gauge of how big these things are.


Alyssa really wanted to climb things so we found a decent tree.  There was also an abandoned helicopter in the middle of the park that was apparently available for more climbing so naturally everyone climbed that too!

It was a beautiful place and it’s always nice to see more of the natural flora of this area.  I also found some Tamarind and gave it to Devin…

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  1. The tamarind looks like a giant slug!