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Thursday, September 29, 2011

International Student Welcome Durbar!

The International Students were finally officially welcomed to the University this weekend, now that it’s Week 7!  It was actually a lot of fun to get dressed up, see some live performances and get to eat an AMAZING buffet!!

There were some local groups that came to perform traditional music and dancing, including “The Fire Dance,” in which a male and female dancer both danced with a burning flame on top of their heads.

Then there were some student performances and a couple of them were my friends from Pop Band!  Bobby, our guitarist, did a cover with Fraser, one of the CSU guys, of Alison Krauss’s “Down to the River to Pray” and another bluegrass song and it was so great to have a little feeling of home.

Cecily, our lead singer, also sang one of her original songs with Bobby accompanying her.  That girl can sing.  Hopefully I’ll get more videos up of the Pop Band Concerts or find them on YouTube, but she is easily one of the most talented singers I’ve heard in a while.  So versatile!  She’s the other shorty in the picture below.

There was also a special performance from UCEAP as a tribute to Professor Irene Odotei (a.k.a. Auntie Irene).  She one of our programs special advisors/faculty members and she’s absolutely phenomenal!  She’s such a funny, captivating, and informative speaker.  Three women from the UC group escorted her to the stage with traditional attire and dance moves.

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