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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Friends, Food and Fun!

It's been a while since I posted anything so I thought I would do a quick picture update to show what I've been doing recently...

Three friends from UCSB have made their way to Ghana in the past couple weeks and it has been great to see them!  First came Keni and Elisa, who had attended the University last year and were back visiting friends for a couple weeks.

Next came Susan, whose ship docked in Tema for a week.  She's doing Semester at Sea this semester and they had a stop in Ghana so I got to spend some time with her and discuss some logistical stuff for The Vagina Monologues 2012 since she's going to be one of my fellow officers!

I've been doing more "cooking."  Even though I barely buy anything here, I felt like it would be more fiscally responsible of me to start cooking  rather than always going to one of the campus eateries.

My top creations have been the best garlic bread anyone could ever imagine (I swear I am not kidding), spaghetti sauce made FROM SCRATCH with pasta, and Mac and Cheese with bread crumbs.  SO GREAT!  Problems have really only arisen when the power has gone out, which has been semi-frequently recently.  When that happens, we end up eating a lot of chocolate/Nutella, peanut butter and bread.  I also attempt to make hot dog equivalents out of the sausage kabobs off the side of the road.

Luckily, we've been successfully entertaining ourselves during the blackouts either by watching LOST (if there's enough juice in my computer battery), playing cards (MOM AND DAD: You'll be pleased to hear I've taught them Hookm and Sur--however they're spelt!), and most recently, telling ghost stories.

Here are Veronica and Acacia on my bed, since that is the venue for watching LOST and Nicole asleep in my chair before we made an attempt to scare her when the lights were still out.

That's my life right now!

Oh yeah, and I'm going to classes...forgot about that whole school thing hehehe.


  1. Thank you for the updates. Your dishes look great, good for you for attempting cooking. Glad that you were able to hook up with your peepsfrom UCSB.
    This is one of the most amazing blogs that I ever seen. You have so many widgets that are creative and "draw you in" to read more or view more.
    I love the dress that you have on that has the bright print on it. It almost looks like it is a print from Ghana.


  2. Martine: the dress is a Ghanaian print! I got it while I was here! And thanks for the kind words, I always get excited when I have a new comment from you!!