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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Campus Tour

Felicia, Acacia and I decided to go around campus taking some pictures so I thought it would be nice to show everyone what the University looks like (when it’s deserted at least).

There’s one main road that most of the building are off of, but they branch off into sections like Performing Arts, Sciences, Humanities, etc. It’s not extremely big, but it feels bigger than UCSB since I don’t have my bike or skateboard to quickly get across campus/IV. Luckily most of my classes are in the same general area.

Most of the buildings look relatively old and dilapidated, but at the same time very elegant. The grandeur of some of the residence halls and lecture buildings as you pass them makes you feel a sense of aged wisdom in the walls.

It’s very green! The vegetation is actually fairly recognizable and reminds me more so of Minnesota in some regards. There are trees, flowers, and other plants everywhere you go and it really is beautiful to look at when you’re not rushing to get out of the heat of the tropical sun.

I think one of the saddest parts for me that I’ve seen in the lack of sustainable infrastructure. Recycling seems non-existent across campus and in the halls and I even happened upon the secret trash-burning area discretely hidden behind a field of tall grass while running one day. Still, I see signs like the one above that make me smile because at least it exemplifies some type of conservation ethic and earthly stewardship.

More info to come about the actual academics here once classes actually get going!!!

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